Himalayan crystal pink salt originates from Pakistan where it is hand-minded, hand-washed, & sun-dried. Himalayan salt is an organic, unaltered, holistic, wholesome, most purest & natural salt that has formed large crystalline structures in the earth created over a time of over 250 million years.

crystal salt is more then our normal salt of sodium & chloride. it contains a wide array of 84 trace minerals, macrominerals & elements including         hydrogen & oxygen. this salt contains all the natural minerals that are found within the human body.

the mines were formed from water that had NEVER been exposed to any impurities like toxic metals in our ocean waters of today. it has had millions of years to mature under great tectonic pressure while naturally preserving its goodness, far from exposure to any form of man & or environment pollutants & heavy metals from the ocean in which they are dried & harvested still in your salt. more importantly, the sea salt contain trace amounts of sharp pieces of sand which can be irritating to both the villi in the intestinal tract & the delicate cells of our body.


our bodies recognize the table salt as an aggressive cellular toxin & try to eliminate it quickly which overburdens our organs & excretion hence our kidneys. table salt is used as a preservative & flavour enhancer. the body surrounds the sodium chloride molecule to break it up into ionized molecules of sodium & chloride to neutralize. in order for this to be accomplished, water is needed for this process & taken from our cells which causes dehydration of the cells. table salt often contains additives such as the anti-caking agent sodium ferrocyanide.


1. regulating the water content throughout your body

2. promoting a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells

3. promoting blood sugar health & help reduce the signs of aging

4. assisting in the generation of hydro-electric in cells of your body

5. absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract

6. supporting respiratory health

7. promoting sinus health

8. prevention of muscular cramps

9. promoting bone strengthening

10. regulating your sleep—it naturally promotes sleep

11. supporting your libido

12. promoting vascular health