the beautiful quality natural Tibetan pink crystal salt lamps come the purities of the Himalayas as helping to return Mother Nature's healing and harmony to your space.

many people are unaware of the health benefits of crystal salt lamps. quality Tibetan Natural Rock Salt Crystal Lamps are known to dramatically reduce the number of harmful airborne bacteria, improving the quality of the air you breathe, by producing Negative Ions are major part to positive health and wellbeing. your home or workplace will feel fresher resulting in alertness and vitality similar to the feeling we get when we are in natural environmentals, such as mountains, waterfalls or by the seaside.

highly 'polluted' areas often have a low negative ion balance, which leads to a feeling of reduced health, fatigue and wellbeing. we shoule have 80% negative ions and 20% positive ions in both the air and space around us and internally within our own body. READ MORE ON HIMALAYAN SALT FOR OUR BODY

amazing psychologically emotionally and mentally just how crystal salt lamps can support an individual, including babies and children.

place a Hiamalayan crystal salt lamp in your space to enhance your wellbeing and experience an improvement in your overall health. each piece is unique and no two are the same in colour. mother nature naturally created the colour, shades in depth to lightness over 250 million years as the salt has been tucked away, awaiting for the time to be divinely discovered. there is nothing artificial. just beautiful!

BODY: essential to cleanse and purify our air and space around you which enhances balance and harmony to increase the negative ions that we need to breathe in. releases and corrects air-bornes, bacteria and can assist with headaches, allergies, breathing difficulties, respirator weakness, sleeping and nervous exhaustion. 

MIND: alleviates and increases alertness, elevates mood and improves concentration in oneself.

SPIRIT: re-enlightens the flow of ch'i energy within one's environment holistically. enhances relaxation and deepens yoga and meditation.

POLLUTANTS: place near a computer in the bedroom, office, home and or work to clear electro-magnetic smog and reduce user fatigue. from the business person, to the student of all ages or the game players who are seated in front of the computer at lengthy times will gain the rewards of a Himalayan salt lamp.

CHILDREN: from bedrooms to their play room aids to enhance a truly lovely ambience of calmness, helping our little ones to be soothed and feeling peaceful. for their little sensitive lungs that could be prone to weakened respiratory, leaving the salt lamp on as long as you can, will aid in building up the negative ions that will purify the air, naturally. a soothing night light for baby, nursing mothers and children.

Y WORK: non-illuminated Tibetan Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps emits negative ions. once warmed by a light bulb or candle the effect of the negative ion, is dramatically increased. Crystal Salt products draws water from the surrounding atmosphere, therefore is should never be sprinkled with water. the lamps should be on at least 08 hours daily for both negative ions and keeping your salt lamp well preserved by heat. keep it is a dry environment. if going away on holidays, remove your cord and wrap the salt lamp in gladwrap to preserve the lamp retaining moisture from the surrounding air.


  • your Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp includes a Australian Approved electrical cord and 07 watt globe at most times that operates on least then 01cent per day if operating 24 hours, or otherwise 15w globe. 
  • remove all packaging from and around the unit.
  • screw the included light globe gently into the bulb socket holder (make sure the cord is unplugged from the power outlet).
  • squeeze the springs around the bulb holder and insert into the lamp from the base.
  • make sure the bulb is not in contact with the salt and is positioned at the center of the holder space.
  • ensure the cord runs through one pf the grooves on the wooden base - check to if the lamp is stable in natural standing position.


  • place the lamp on a protective surface to protect against humid conditions. all Himalayan salt products should be kept on placemats or coaster. salt sweats with use and could cause damage to polished furniture, especially salt tea lights.
  • keep away from curtains and other combustible materials. unplug and let the plug cool down before changing for a new one. the appliance should be plugged into 240V electrical outlet.
  • lamps are meant for indoor use only. salt has hygroscopic properties. keep away from water. natural salt products absorb moisture easily from surrounding atmosphere. do not place in excessive moist areas such as a bathroom with showers.
  • if you notice water droplets forming around the base of the lamp, switch it off immediately. dry the lamp with a clean dry coth. if the surface is slightly damp, lighting it for a few hours should dry it completely.
  • if you plan not to use the lamp for long time, just cover the lamp with a plastic bag or cling wrap to protect humid conditions.

WARNING: keep out of reach of children unless supervised by an adult. always switch off the lamp and unplug from the electrical outlet before cleaning or replacing a light bulb. if you need any help to replace light bulb or have any questions regarding this product please contact us.