Body Butters + Oils

luxurious hydrating Aqua Cellular Body Butters replenishing moisture back within the skin cellular with ancient powerful healing organic seaweeds, formulated with Australian Certified Organic and pure butters, oils and botanicals. leaves you with beautiful soft silky hydrating and a radiant glow to you skin, without the greasy residue.

complimenting these luxurious oils, holistically, the Body Oil Essence nurturing your body physically, mentally and emotionally. my exclusive formulas of classic aromatherapy and pure essential oils, resonates to your senses with their purity of nature and flower essence of Australian Certified Organics and pure quality. light, nourishing and hydrating to your skin, without the greasy feeling. I hand make my own Magnesium Oil with 100% pure quality sourced from the pristine Ancient mineral Seabed in Europe to ensure it is of quality and free from mercury, lead, arsenic, fluoride, and synthetics.

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