Hemp + Lime Essence Deep Moisturising Body Lotion

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+ the scent: Fresh and light with the essence of grapefruit and lime.
+ the aromatherapy: With lime classic aromatherapy promotes skin rejuvenation. Balancing for the most sensitive skin and anti ageing.
+ the lotion: Luxurious botanical essentials regenerating with vitamin E and amnio omegas. Deeply nourishing with nature’s own linoleic acid keeping your skin soft, supple and deeply hydrated.
+ suited to: From sensitive skin to all skin types
+ skin feel: Replenished, smooth, glowing
+ main active ingredients: Canadian hemp oil, lime classic aromatherapy, vitamin E

+ Ethically + Eco

+ Ethical

Sanso Cellular does not support NO MLM Aromatherapy Companies. only high quality aromatherapy oils with integrity, pure and organic natures essentials, kosher, ethical, gm free, gluten free and vegan. Sanso Cellular signature handmade VEGAN clean soap bar.

+ Free From

animal cruelty, animal products, parfum, sls, sles, laureate, palm oil, paraffin oil, gluten free, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, artificial colouring, polys, pegs, ceteareth-20, grapeseed preservative.

+ Eco Packaging

packaged in BPA Free recyclable plastic.

net: 125g

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