Issey Miyake Japanese Type Body Lotion Essence with Kukui Nut Oil + Sacred Lotus

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+ the scent: Femininity with watery aquatic notes of transparent lotus, white lily, cyclamen and lily of the valley. finished with the undertones of sandalwood, amber and woods.
+ the ingredient: Our beautiful lotus flower extract, is a powerful traditional Ayurvedic medicine that symbolizes "purity". The flower brings calmness to your body as hole, with the alkaloid conctituestns that relax the nerves and enable sleep.
+ the lotion: Ancient kukui nut oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that can support skin and heal wounds. Kukui nut can prevent easy breakage of the skin and promote the growth of new skin cells.
+ suited to: From sensitive skin to all skin types, pregnancy
+ skin feel: Soft, supple, hydrated, moisturised
+ main active ingredients: Kukui nut oil, sacred lotus extract

+ Ethical + Eco

++ Sanso Cellular contain only the highest ingredients with no gimmicks or misleading consumer information in our products. when we state "Classic Aromatherapy" in our product, this is 100% traditional aromatherapy essential oil. we do not mislead any false-pretense, and with the old-school description and labelling for you. facilitating to our customers is important to ensure you the consumer understand also the laws and regulations in products. with classic aromatherapy, in certain products we cautiously substitute to these oils to ensure of pregnancy safety, and those who are receiving other treatments like chemotherapy to be gentle to both skin and body. aromatherapy can counteract these important medical treatments, and dangerous to expecting mothers depending on the trimester, body sensitivity and chemotherapy radiation that can reverse the effects of these treatments. no two person's will heal the same way. this way, we all can enjoy both the beautiful quality pure fragrance that yes still registers to our brain, for our different needs mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

+ pure essential oils

by TGA Australia, pure essential oils is the new wording for our "other" oils that are infused. please do not get this confused with classic aromatherapy that has been used universally for thousands of years.

with our Body Lotion Essence Collection, we carefully researched companies for only high-grade quality pure essential oils, that are safe for during pregnancy (gynecological), respiratory, nervous system, and sensitive skin types. the pure essential oils are natural components extracted from plants or flowers and synthetic components (mango, coconut, raspberry, strawberry as an example) are manufactured from man-made materials. all are tested by the International Fragrance Research Association (IFRA). none of our fragrances contains phthalates or parabens, and none of the ingredients is animal derived. 

+ what is the difference between classic aromatherapy and pure essential oil scents?

aromatherapy dissipates its beautiful scent very fast when applied to your body via a face or body moisturiser as an example. the scent does not linger "all day". pure essential oil are created differently where the oil has been infused creating a longer lingering fragrance on your body.

in candles, aromatherapy can be very dangerous hence containing 100% plant sourced alcohol that is derived directly from the plant hence flower, stem, bark, resin. this can create a larger flame with fire and alcohol that could be hazardous in your home, and the aromatherapy oil burns the scent fast where it will not linger for example 60 hours. aromatherapy essential oils are not stable, do not blend well with wax and do not give you a good scent throw.

+ Free From

animal cruelty, animal products, sls, sles, laureate, palm oil, paraffin oil, gluten free, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, artificial colouring, polys, pegs, ceteareth-20, grapeseed preservative.

+ Eco Packaging

our packaging contains high quality glass jars, and BPA Free recyclable plastic. you can recyclable your glass jar with your special scented Body Lotion Essence.

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