Lime, Vetiver + Oakmoss Soy Candles + Reed Diffuser

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+ the scent: Revitalising and soothing with the scent of lime zest and orange blossom, with the subtle green musk with oakmoss and the elements of vetiver, cedarwood and amber. Aroma-healing of lime and vetiver deeply balances and centers emotions, and grounding.
+ the candle: Each blend is formulated by us, keeping our Collection unique. We use only cotton wicks, with the pure scent of medium to strong. We handpour small quantities to provide freshness in quality to you.
+ the reed diffuser: Our premium aroma healing reed diffusers are naturally formulated with 100% pure essential oils that are chemical-free, non-toxic, alcohol-free + eco-based. The 100mls of our diffusers can last easily up to 90 days. Hand-made by us in Australia.
+ the ethical: We hand-pour our candles small quantities to provide freshness in quality to you, here in Australia. With high quality ethical soy with no additives, and only cotton wicks creating a cleaner candle and longer lasting ambience into your home and space
+ the quality: Our pure soy wax creates up to 50% longer cleaner burn without the residue of black soot. It does not give off any harmful byproducts, melts evenly and smells beautiful as it slows burns without the aggravating petrol toxins. Quality in your pocket.

+ Our Candles Are 100% Soy and Australian Owned

The Soy: Sanso Cellular Soy Candles are created 100% in Australia, labels are bought in Australia, printed in Australia supporting other Australian Businesses. We hand-pour our own soy candles to ensure you the consumer what you read is 100% ethically what the product is, and for your positive health and well-being. And your pocket...


+ Our Soy Candles + Product Care


+ The Soy

Our Soy Candles are cleaner burning with no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it is less likely to affect allergies, as my customers are loving this due to their sensitive respiratory over the years, from asthmatics to chronic allergy reactions. Soy contains no petrol-carbon soot, not like petroleum-based paraffin or soy paraffin candles. 100% pure Soy is longer lasting by 30-50% compared to paraffin candles and with cooler burning point.

Soy is a softer, biodegradable and water soluble wax making it easier to clean out of your warmer, oil burners and spills. The Soy that we focus on using is certified kosher, containing no herbicides or pesticides and is genetically unaltered, GM FREE. Soy is continually producible without damaging the Ecosystem and nurtures the earth.

+ Researchers

Studies state that petroleum oil can release the same harmful carcinogens into the atmosphere as your car produces when petrol is burned. If you are not a smoker, paraffin has much the same detrimental effect as inhaling significant second-hand tobacco smoke. Paraffin contains 11 compounds that are being deemed 'toxic air contaminants' that American Lung Association have researched.

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