01. With your first burn of your Luxurious Soya Candle, burn it until the wax pool reaches the edge of the glass, to ensure your candle always burn flat without a tunnel effect in the center, and getting the best burn for your candle.

02. Please do ensure to trim your wick every time you light any of your Luxurious Soya Candles and Tealights by Sonya Holistic Boutique. This ensures that the wick does not smoke although it is lead free.

03. When there is only 01cm or less of wax in your Luxurious Soya Candle, please discontinue using.

04. Ensure that any of your Luxurious Soya Candles are placed safely on a heat resistant surface.

05. Please be attentive to your Luxurious Soya Candle. Do not leave your Candle unattended and please ensure that little fingers from children are safe, and curtains and pets.

06. Please ensure that you do not burn your candle no longer than 03 hours at a time.