Collagen Oxygen Renewal Serum Oil With Organic Sea Minerals, Peru Oil + Organic Angelica Root

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+ The Skin: Light, powerful, moisturising Serum Oil with high contents of oleic acid, super omega 9, vitamin E and A, and amino acid protein with nature, flower and sea essence, giving your skin that pure radiance and fullness.
+ The Serum Oil: Oxygen for renewing your skin cellular from anti ageing, age and sun spots, pigmentation, melanin, blemishes, scarring, sagging and dull skin. To transform your skin to skin firming, younger looking, smoother, even complexion and radiant.
+ The 7th Skin Layer: Nurture your 7th layer of your skin, the protector. Your 7th layer of your skin is vital to keep rather removing via cosmetic treatments. Exclusively handmade with botanical extracts using organic and quality pure herbs and flowers.
+ Suited To: From sensitive skin to all skin types.
+ Skin Feel: Soft, supple, regenerated, radiant, non greasy.
+ The Main Active Ingredients: Organic seaweed extract, Peruvian oil, organic herbal extracts, classic aromatherapy.

++ Ethical + Eco

+ethically handmade

I research carefully to find you the most beneficial healing botanicals to give your skin purity and clean with Australian Certified Organics. This is why we extract our own herbs for quality to you, giving you 100% pure to the core of the botanical for healing. Sanso Cellular does not support NO MLM Aromatherapy Companies. Only high quality aromatherapy oils with integrity, pure and organic natures essentials, kosher, ethical, gm free and gluten free. Sanso Cellular signature handmade VEGAN Anc-scent Se Skincare Range. tested on humans. 

+free from

Animal cruelty, animal products, parfum, sls, sles, laureate, alcohol, artificial, scientific hyaluronic acid, artificial AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), artificial chemical component, palm oil, paraffin oil, gluten free, parabens, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, chemicals, artificial colouring, polys, ceteareth-20, pegs, synthetic grape seed fruit extract.

+eco packaging

Package in a high quality black Biophotonic glass.

net: 30ml

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