Stress Ageing

unique and holistically hand-created supporting and promoting relaxation between the body mind and skin, soothing away the stresses and anxiety for a women's natural pure beauty to look and feel radiant and beautiful. Peony is an ancient healing to the skin for hydration, anti-ageing, firmness, collagen elasticity, circulation, stressed and sensitive skin regeneration. a free radical neutralizer protecting the skin against signs of ageing, exposure to the sun as you age and protects from mutation in healthy cells due to the empowering benefits of antioxidants.

+ The three major factors of skin ageing:

  • ageing - physiological ageing due to the human body weakness (s)
  • stress - stress ageing can show through our skin and can age the skin
  • uv sunlight - photo ageing due to the UV ray sun damaging to the skin and the environment free radicals

+ Benefits: the skin cellular becomes more softer, supple, calmed and lifted with increased hydration and moisture that enhances strength and renewal. created with highly effective, concentrated quality plant sea and earth ingredients.

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